Combination Brows New York State

Combination Brows

It combine machine hair strokes and powder brows within the brow.

This gives the brow a more natural hair stroke look in the front of the brow, and a soft powdery look throughout the rest. Get longevity and natural definition you can be confident with.

"I’ve always been self conscious about my eyebrows and this treatment gave me my confidence back. And no longer do I have to worry about perfecting my eyebrows before work because they are already done!"- Vanessa

Machine Hairstrokes are also Known as Nano or Machine Microblading

Machine hair strokes in Combination Brows look the same as microblading but they’re done with the cosmetic tattoo machine for longer lasting brows. They still give the illusion of the hair stroke within the brows.

Benefits of Combination Brows: Convenient, Always Even Brows

Combination Brows done with the machine won’t leave scarring or change color like microblading does. Microblading can be traumatic to ones skin due to the tool used during the procedure; you won’t have that happen with the machine hair strokes found in combination brows. Brows done with the machine are longer lasting, and suitable for most skin types. Wake up without having to do your brows every morning.

"My brows are stunning!! I would recommend them to anyone and everyone."- Sara

Are Combination Brows Right for You?

There are so many reasons why people are choosing combination brows, like:

  • You want Always Even & Shaped Brows
  • You want to Wake Up Ready Without the Effort
  • Hair Loss from Aging, Medical Conditions and Trichotillomania
  • Save Time & Money – No More Makeup, No More Waxing Appointments

Whatever your reason, define yourself with combination brows.

"Angela talked me through the procedure so I knew exactly what to expect and aftercare so I have the best results! I love the color and shape of my brows that adds the extra definition to my face and makes life so much easier! Highly recommend!!!"- Breyanna

Angela Answers Your Questions About Combination Brows

Angela Mazza, owner of Definitive Beauty, is the only Board Certified Permanent Makeup artist near Syracuse, NY. Angela has the experience and specialized training to give you the look you’ll love. Angela can answer any questions you may have about combination brows during a complimentary consultation. Angela will walk you through the entire process, detailing what’s involved in each step and ensuring you have everything you’ll need for easy aftercare.

Combination Brows Pricing

All consultations are complimentary and available in person or over the phone. Pricing includes first and second session.

Combination Brows – $575

$100 non-refundable booking fee.
$375 due at first session.
$100 due at second session.
$575 total to complete sessions.