Lips that make you blush™

Lip Blushing Procedure

For Clients in Rochester, NY & the Surrounding Areas

Ditch the daily reapply with lip blushing! Wake up to effortlessly bolder, fuller, and more symmetrical lips every morning. Boost your confidence with a natural flush of color that lasts, thanks to lip blushing from Definitive Beauty. Serving the Rochester, NY area, we invite you to contact us or book an appointment online today!

"She explained the procedure very thoroughly and frequently asked how I was doing during lip blushing. I love my lips and cannot wait to return for my touch-up! I’ve had so many compliments on them!"- Kacie

Our Lip Blushing Services

Lip Blushing Benefits

Lip Blushing is a great way to enhance your natural lips.

Here's what Lip Blush can do for you:

  • Balance and define: Achieve symmetrical lips with delicate pigment that fills in uneven edges or restores lost definition.
  • Boost the appearance of volume: Create the illusion of fuller lips without injections, adding a youthful plumpness to your smile.
  • Camouflage imperfections: Disguise scars or discoloration on the lip tissue for a smooth, seamless appearance.
  • Embrace your perfect shade: Choose from a range of natural-looking pigments to enhance your existing lip color or experiment with a bolder hue.
  • Long-lasting confidence: Ditch the daily lipstick routine and enjoy the freedom of semi-permanent color that lasts for years.

"Had lip blushing done and Angela is amazing! 10/10 would recommend to anyone considering permanent make-up."- Megan

Gloss & Go With Lip Blushing

All lip blushing consults are complimentary and can be done in person or over the phone. Pricing includes initial appointment AND 6-8 week touch-up appointment for all permanent makeup services.

Feel free to bring in your own gloss or lipstick to show us what you like!

Angela is Here to Answer Any of Your Questions About Lip Blushing

Angela is the only board-certified permanent makeup artist near Syracuse, NY. Complimentary consultations are available in person or over the phone.